November already?

April 24, 2024

I feel like this year I have been saying "What happened to the year?" on a very regular basis. About a week and a half ago I suddenly realized - it's November! I know that I keep busy, but really? THAT busy? I think as our children grow those moments we spend with them are fleeting faster than ever before.

Since I last wrote I had my show - Festival in the Park - it was a great success.  When I arrived to set up on Friday you can imagine my joy when Sharla of Designing for Hope (whom I met at my show in Waxhaw and encouraged me to do this big show) was my neighbor. We had prime spots, near the stage and not too far from an entrance.  Her mom was in town to assist her with the show - and ultimately - me. I tend to work alone, particularly if my girls are busy, thus all my bathroom breaks or food needs were covered by the two of them. I don't know how I would have gotten through without them!!

 I was very weary the first portion of the show. It began Friday evening and lasted through late Sunday afternoon. We were fortunate enough to have amazing weather, but that didn't make me unsure of my decision to participate. For those that are not crafters, shows can be anywhere from $10 - $1000 plus. Let's just say, this one was far more than I imagined I would ever spend (but no where near the higher end (;  I met innumerable people who stopped to chat, admire my work and buy my goodies.  By the end of the weekend I had made back my booth fee (Thank God) and had even made a small profit.

The most interesting observation to me has been the ongoing business since that time. I have received no less that 5 e-mails or contacts via my Etsy page from people identifying themselves as "I met you at Festival in the Park..." Each and every one was writing to place an order, wow. I have been so very blessed to have this show turn into such a success for me.

As I write I am preparing for another show, it is Saturday the 22nd, at our church.  One year ago I did my very first show ever - at the time it was at the church we attended. That church has since become our church home and I am thrilled to be a part of their show and to be able to stop and reflect on what an amazing year this has been for my business.  I need to thank every single one of you for that. While I could keep sewing without you it wouldn't be nearly as much fun nor would my passion have grown so strongly.  Thank you for thinking of me when you need an item created for you or someone you love. I pray I can continue to share my talents and gifts with you and that likewise you will continue to seek me for all your sewing needs (and wants.)

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