Huge show coming up!

April 24, 2024

Huge show coming up!

I am anxious/excited/and proud to say I was accepted to be a vendor in the annual Festival in the Park  to be held at Freedom Park in Charlotte. It is a huge honor and a real reason for me to fret.  The show is juried (I was required to print off numerous photos including descriptions and mail them into the organization. At that time they review the application to determine if it meets their quality standard.) and I admit to waiting with great angst wondering if I was good enough.  

When the letter of acceptance came I had very mixed emotions.  

  • Excitement and Pride: I am strong enough in my art to be on display for all to see! My work is unique and represents the best quality that I am able to create.
  • Self Doubt: No way am I good enough, nor are my bags at such a high standard to compete and be shown along side these other vendors.
  • Anxiety: I don't have much in a mere 45 days am I ever going to amass enough stock for a 2 day show?!

Now, a couple of short weeks later, I still feel many of the same emotions.  With summer still being in motion my time is rarely my own. There were countless days the last few weeks wherein I spent much of my time in the car.  The title "taxi mom" has finally become one I add to my resume.  Between marching band, swimming lessons, vet appointments and dentist visits...I was gone far more than I was home. This coming week is the final week of summer break and while I am the odd Mom that adores summer vacation with my girls I find myself very anxious for them to be gone, so I can sew!

I have also been working to update my booth look - considering I have only done 2 shows, I don't exactly have a look to replicate, but my current booth is very simplistic and not exactly attention getting.  My parents visited recently and my Mom and I had a fabulous time at the local antique store gathering booth goodies.  I found a gorgeous mustard yellow fireplace screen with mesh screening and a pretty scroll work design - I am positive a few hanging hooks and some of my little wallets will look wonderful hanging on it. I also have searched for some time for a train box and found one I loved (it is a camel brown color) but a near match train hat case as well. I am unsure if I will use them to put items into or just use them for levels, but either way - they are fabulous. (Not to mention in great condition, a little stinky of old - so they are airing out on the porch on sunny days)

With that, I guess I should go sew!


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