It's all in the details...

April 24, 2024

It's all in the details...

I say it often, and I mean it every time...when it comes to handmade, for me, it's in the details.  

The competition out there is fierce.  

The number of men and women that sell handmade, is undeniably huge. 

Why choose me?

I can think of a number of reasons:

  • Support my hobby! I love to sew and have sewn daily for the last several years, literally. Gifting to friends and family was the norm - and then one of you asked for an item, with guidelines. Thus, it began.
  • I am passionate. I don't sew because I need something to do, or I am bored. It is an expression of myself.  From picking patterns, altering them, selecting fabrics and ultimately creating an item - it is all from my heart, every.last.stitch. (I assure you it is unstitching that doesn't often include love.
  • I am creative. To the core. I can't begin to explain how or why I chose fabrics, how I come to select "just the right one" for you - but I do. 
  • I am detailed, very detailed. Many, many of my patterns take an hour or so of prep work.  Often, this is spent cutting pieces. (I have several patterns that are 80 pieces!) While I don't fussy cut every single one, I do fussy cut many, well most. Why? Did I mention I spend an hour cutting? Then there are another 2-4 hours sewing...why wouldn't I take the extra few minutes and make it perfect? It is a preference, and time consuming, and I love the results.
  • Did I mention I just love to do it? I have spent years wondering - when my kids grow up and don't need me, then what? I love being a mom, full time, and am blessed to do so. But, as they are growing so fast, I knew I needed something to do in my almost spare time.  I have been quilting for years, and while I love it - it is much more time consuming (and expensive) to make many a quilt without purpose. Thus, I desired a practical, use me option....purses.

As for the above mentioned "I am detailed..." I have included a few pieces of evidence for you.


  • Top left - zippers are not easy and often take far longer than you anticipate to get the fabric folded back nicely and the zipper perfectly aligned.
  • Center top - this is in fact the inside of the bag.  The top colored strips were in fact "fussy cut" to match the fabric on the outer bag as well as to line up perfectly on the interior side seams.
  • The far right is a close up of the front slip pocket - when looking at the bag straight on (As below) you won't easily pick out that there is in fact a pocket.
  • Bottom left - it's just a cool bag!
  • Bottom right - again, taking the time to make sure those seams are perfectly lined up is so worth the results.


This is my personal bag I created while trying a new pattern - she isn't perfect, but she is pretty awesome.  The front pocket is a flapped pocket, about 9" in width. Without looking closely it is unlikely you will realize there is a pocket here.



I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about my process!  Have a great weekend.


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