Preparing for a Custom Order

April 24, 2024

Preparing for a Custom Order

When it comes time to create a new bag, it can be a lengthy process.  

  • Do I like it? 
  • Will someone else like it? 
  • Is it useful? 
  • Practical?
  • Too time consuming?  
  • Can I get the hardware for it easily?

For custom orders - it is even lengthier.  However, I work to learn about you as a person so I can create something you will love and be proud (and happy) to carry.  Just this week I finished a custom order (via a SWAP) for my 'new friend' Amy.  After the initial introduction I got right down to business of learning more.  Our bag was pre-determined so the only way I could make it perfect was to learn more about her.   

Former art teacher, now substitute, not ready to retire.


But, I still needed more.  I don't get wordy in these e-mails, it is important I learn who you are and you are more apt to read it, if it's short and sweet.

 I don't like pink, love birds, Echino fabrics  & Melody Miller are all things I love.  

Birds...a certain variety? Colorful, plain, real, cartoon, interpretive? Art - what medium is your favorite? Upcycle...home dec? Old uniforms? Thoughts? Do you have a style...t-shirt and jeans, button down, skirts, heels...what do you find you wear the most?  Colors you loathe? Prints you loathe (please do not give me any chevron!!) colors you are drawn too - doesn't need to be a favorite but you may find yourself wearing it, painting with it, buying fabric....


We went back and forth with simple details - I gained more insight...


Okay.  I really love the idea of an up-cycled bag.  I guess it takes me back to the 60's when we made stuff out of everything.  I'm a jeans and tee girl when I go out, sweats around the house, of course.  Using a girl scout uniform is crazy.  I can see the handle made from the sash with all the badges, but I'm sure those aren't easy to find.  Guess I was thinking Denim shirt, jeans, anything you have around.  I'm not sure what you mean by Home Dec. I'm not a fan of pink, girly things.  I feed the birds year round.  Love my hummers.


After a few more conversations and really learning more about what makes Amy tick, it was time to create.  I have quite an assortment of fabrics to chose from right here in the studio - cottons, home dec., gently loved shirts, uniforms (scout and military) and a few other odds and ends.  Once I get a strong sense of a person pulling the fabrics comes pretty quickly.  In this case, having a pattern pre-chosen, also alleviated some of the time aspect of preparation.  

I asked Amy if I could keep her bag a secret from her, she decided she trusted my judgement and impatiently patiently awaited the mail carrier.  I then received a very lovely message in my e-mail...

Oh my!  Jessica, this bag is awesome!  I love the fabrics, the up-cycle, the birdie, your little tlc's!

Yay! I did it. My ultimate goal in each and every piece I create is to make it something you will LOVE, not like, but LOVE. I am so thankful for the time and ability in my life to do something I love, create and sew, and share it with each of you. 

Thank you for all of your support!!


If you like this purse, and would like your own please contact me via this page or etsy and together we will create a custom bag just for you.

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