All in all a success!

May 22, 2014

All in all a success!

As you may recall I had a show last weekend.  Was it a roaring, sell out, crowded booth success?  No. Did I make new friends, contacts, meet loads of people, get a few custom orders and sell some items. YES!  I went into the show not really knowing what to expect.  It is only my second show, and my first multi-day outdoor, non-church, show. Does that matter? I would like to say yes.  For starters, doing a show that is multi-day is an undertaking.  Having no idea going into it how sales will be I had to prepare for business, and pray for it as well. I didn't go overboard, although I did stay up later than I should have ahem, more than one night that week.  I was confident in the variety I was bringing from fabrics to item offerings and price ranges available.


I did sell a number of items, a lot, no.  A large handful, yes.  (I am not sure that I should mention that my two biggest sales were to people I know!) I also hand out innumerable business cards, and talked to almost as many people about custom orders from bags, to pillowcases and key fobs. I received a lot of good feed back from those who bought, and those who did not.  Overall, I am happy with how it all went.  I could spend forever criticizing myself for things, but instead I will accept what it was, and move forward.


With regards to those that stopped by to see me...THANK YOU!  I really need to express a special thanks to a few particular faces.


  • Sharon - a friend I met through our love for kitties - she vowed to stop by and did. (She also left with a smile and full bag, thank you Sharon!)  
  • Shannon - a friend I made recently at church - she too promised she would try to swing by and I am so appreciative that she took the time to include me in her busy day.
  • Sharla - a new friend (okay, I only met her at the show on Saturday) that makes beautiful jewelry and has a personality to match. I not only loved her work (and bought a piece few pieces, I am inspired by her work.  She uses the money she raises to go on mission trips every year - how awesome is that?!  
  • Naunt - We are blessed enough to live near family in our new home. (By near I mean driving distance) My Aunt and Uncle drove TWO HOURS (yup, two) to see me.  I had no idea they were coming, and my words can not begin to express how very loved, touched and appreciative I was of this act of love.  It is beyond words.  To add too the love - they too left with a bag full!

I don't have my next show scheduled, but I am working on it. I have a few good leads on shows that I gained from those I worked with and met last week, and am looking forward to pursuing those.  


Thank you again for all of your support and I look forward to seeing you soon!  


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