May 11, 2014


Greetings!  I find that it takes a lot to keep up on my Facebook page - not to mention here. I have been working at making a schedule so I can keep updated in all facets of the business, but it sure takes a lot of time and planning!


I am participating in my second every craft show this coming weekend, and am beside myself with anxiety. My first show was a small church show, when I was just getting my business up and running last November.  Since that time I have continued sewing right along, making gifts, filling custom orders and taking a look at where I want my business to go. Based upon some decisions I made, I took the leap to a two day show - TWO DAYS!!  (Did I mention I only signed up a few short weeks ago?! April 21st to be exact) I do not keep stock, I sew it - you buy it - the cycle repeats.  Thus, it has been a fast long few weeks, but I don't regret my decision at all. I do question my own sanity at times, but that is a whole different topic. (:


As this week means 7 more days of sewing, a LOT, I will leave you with photos of my most recent creations and try to catch back up with you in a week!




Custom Wristlet for one of our last give-a-way winners.


Having fun with a cute new clutch pattern - I love her!


Some days this is my view...


A fun new addition to my line. I can't resist using cute glasses prints.


Custom order for an elementary school teacher.


Custom order for a twenty-something college gal.

The plaid is an extra special fabric I picked up in NL.


My daughters love these lunch boxes - so I have added

them to the line as well. 



Thanks for stopping in, have a wonderful week.


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