March - Where did you come from?

March 09, 2014

March - Where did you come from?

Am I the only one that looked at the calendar and was a little shocked it was March - more than a week in already? I would be lying if I didn't say it caught me off guard.  I am not sure what happened to January or February, but they seem to already be long forgotten.


The studio is steadily busy, prepping for Easter, and general spring fun. I am planning to participate in a handful of Art Shows this year thus I have been busying attempting to research those, and learn which ones are well attended.  It sounds like a very easy process, but it is really a bit of a well spun web.  There are innumerable webpages that will show you the shows in your area, for a fee. I have spent hours searching, and really know little more than before I started.  I believe once I get into the scene, I will learn more by default.  In the mean time, if you know of one in my area - let me know!


The last few weeks have been dedicated to preparing for Easter, and all around cuteness.  If you think you would like to add a lovie to your home, in time for Easter, an upcoming birth, or birthday celebration, be sure to drop me a line!  From bunnies, to hedgehogs, lambs, monkeys and elephants...I have animals of all kinds. (All are fully customizable too)






Happy Stitching!

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