"Hooter" or "Hoots" the Owl

February 21, 2014

"Hooter" or "Hoots" the Owl

I was recently asked, by a very dear friend I might add, to create a Lovie for a friend of hers that is needing a little extra love in her life right about now.


You see, her friend is fighting breast cancer - and I am sure many of you know someone that has fought this fight...or you may have fought it yourself, so you can imagine a little cheer is most welcomed.


After some talk I was given permission to make this special owl with free reigns.  (If you know much about my sewing, I prefer to be given minimum guidance and then let loose.)  I still had some of that gorgeous boucle I had made Howie out of, and knew it was the perfect fabric.


I work hard to make everything one of a kind, and I promise, this is no exception.  I did make sure that "Hooter" or "Hoots" for short was created with his/her own special bits, sure to make a smile creep across most any face.


(S/he is the most photogenic creature yet...and was quite fond of my trees.)









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