Recycling and A bag for Mel

February 14, 2014

Recycling and A bag for Mel

Happy Friday!


I have been snowed in the last few days (which is a pretty big deal in NC, as we never get that much snow!) Thus, I have taken some time to gather photos, photograph the birds, sled - a lot with the girls, and make a few new lovies.


First, I want to touch base on a fabulous little piece of my studio that you may not be aware of. I love to work with recycled fabrics, in particular I use old scout uniforms, military uniforms or my newest acquisitions - remnants for interior designers.  I had never really thought about their leftovers, but now that I have found them, I am thrilled!  This new obsession first began at a local shabby chic shop near me.  Angela, the owner, had a wonderful selection of fabric bundles, often 5-6 fabrics - some would coordinate, some did not.  There were also yards of linen, and other cast off's as well.  As I began sorting through piles I found so many wonderful bits. About 2 garbage bags later, I had a pretty good stash in my studio just awaiting creating.  Most recently, I acquired an entire back end of a van full - really!


The best part about this new discovery is multi-fold.  I like to make one of kind bags, and these fabulous bits make it pretty easy to do as they are often 1/2 yard or less.  I have found a few pieces in my hunt that were multiple yards, but that is uncommon. (I did however end up with several large pieces recently - and will be making studio curtains with them, what a find.)


On a recent visit with my bestie, Mel, she was shopping with me at this cute store, and found some fabric she loved.  It was an oddly shaped piece, but the colors were perfect for her. I added some cottons, and a beautiful suede and her bag was born.


The requirement list was not long, Mel wanted a cross body bag, with an outside pocket, and an inside pocket (preferably two). She gave me very specific dimensions - that who knows where she came up with - after some thought and pondering, I found the perfect design.  I purchased a new pattern book as I thought the design in it was perfect, however, when it came to sewing it, I invariably made numerous changes, quickly making it suit all of Mel's needs.


When the bag was finished, I am not going to lie, I wore it around the house and thought..."Do I really HAVE to send this to her?" I was in love with it, the design is very well suited for a daily go everywhere bag, yet is classy enough for even an evening out.  What do you think??








Happy Sewing!


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