Testing 1...2...3...

February 08, 2014

Testing 1...2...3...

For some time now I have been fortunate enough to be trusted as a tester for a fabulous pattern writer, Erin of Dog Under My Desk. While I have quite a number of designers I buy from, I often wish Erin could write 24 hours a day just for my benefit.  Her patterns are by far the most elaborate, well written, photo overloaded, direction for every possible scenario, patterns out there.  (Really, and she doesn't pay me to say that!)


This pattern, is truly no different.  The pattern arrived in my email a few nights ago and I finally had the time to read through it and get creating.  When I say reach through, it isn't a casual statement.  25 pages later, and I have reviewed it - once. Mind you I am not complaining.  The newest pattern, "Get Carded" offers several options for the outer pockets, all of which are included with photos, in the packet.  (113 photos at my count)


There are a number of faithful followers on her page, and every now and again she offers up a chance for us to shout out what pattern we want next. As Erin already offers some pretty awesome bags - wallets were naturally our response.  After much chatting she decided to do a wallet series, well at least I think she did, starting with this cute little number, "Get Carded."


The finished size of this wallet is a comfy little 4.5" wide by 3.5" tall (and you can add a wrist strap)  It is truly pretty perfect for tucking in a pocket, or into a small purse for the day. It boasts an awesome clear pocket on one outer side, thus it's name, as well as a zip pocket on the other.  I chose to make my zip pocket flat - but she also shows how to make it pleated or ruffled.  (I told you she has loads of options, nervous about sewing vinyl - make it a fabric pocket)


Now for the nitty gritty. I really like the pattern. I am not really much for wallets - I find any number of ways to shove my money in my purse. This wallet is cute, so I may just have to toss it in my purse a few days and see how it goes.  There are 5 slip pockets on the inside as well as the zipper and ID pocket on the outside - leaving me lots of places to stick all my necessary cards and money.


Erin very cleverly has written the pattern resulting in no hand sewing - that's right - NONE!  That alone, is pretty awesome in my book. I have said it once if I have said it a thousand times, I don't enjoy hand sewing.  I do it, quite often really, but it isn't on my list of loves. You also won't find yourself top stitching an opening in a way that leaves you thinking - does that look ok? She has a clever little method for making that all go quite smoothly.


There were a few spots that stumped me - partially due to my own laziness.  Erin clearly writes - label your pieces, meh, who needs labels.  Trust me - you do!  As I was working my way through the pattern I would come across reference to placing piece H on top of piece G and found myself saying "huh?" After 3 or four times I was left wondering, I finally believed her and labeled everything.  As the pattern is in testing stage the few other little quandaries I have will be addressed directly, without you listening in, after all - there are still fixes to be made.


So, if you are looking for some new patterns to make from your sewing room - be sure to check out Erin's page Dog Under my Desk - I assure you, you won't be disappointed!





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