"Special request"

January 30, 2014

"Special request"

Every now and again someone, namely someone I love (a lot) comes up with some crazy idea of me fixing something for them.  My ability to create fabulous handbags and cozy quilts interprets into "fixer of weird things" for my dear brudder.


Thanksgiving was a fabulous holiday for us - our first year and holiday in our new home, and we were brimming with love and laughter.  Every bedroom was full and makeshift beds were added in the sewing studio. A few days before arrival JD (brudder) said "I have a sewing project for you..." I of course said, bring it along, I will take a look. About the same time my sister Cindy (JD's better half) said she too had a project, could I look at it.  Thanksgiving was starting to sound busy.


Company arrived, fun was had - and the sewing projects brought out. I dare say that while I took longer with Cindy's, hers was easier!  She had recently purchased some Uggs - for super cheap.  The dilemma, they were a wee bit too snug for her calves when you added in socks and jeans.  Could I please look at them and alter them if possible.  We spent some time looking at them and I began to remove the bias tape around the top -making some small alterations along the way - in hopes of making them perfect.  They then were set aside, and forgotten. I thought about them now and again but to be honest, wasn't really sure how to go about finishing them. After much thought and pondering, and shopping options on-line and in store - I found the solution.  A perfect one I think (sure hope she does.)


Seriously - isn't this fabulous?!  It's pretty new, at least to me, fold over elastic.  It was the perfect option for me. I needed a little extra stretch in the band, and needed it to look like it belonged.





I think it works - now, we await Cindy to test them and give the final word.



Ok, Back to JD and his (crazy) project.  He is a hunter, and owns every.possible.gadget. For reals. So, it is no surprise that he has these huge moon boot ish, slipper looking, tree loving booties. (I admit I laughed when he showed me these.)   I couldn't imagine what he wanted from me, but I quickly learned.  Apparently when you are in a tree, clad in your finest camo, bow resting delicately in your arms, and need to get comfy in your slippers  cover your shoes, you will need to have a third arm to do so - or a creative snister (that is where I come in.) A handful of questions later I learned that he needs a strap so he can pull these super slippers shoe covers on his feet while balancing in a tree.  Being that I do love him, his safety is important to me, so I happily devised a strap.




I did have to rifle through the stash a bit to find a color that coordinated nicely, then got a little creative, broke a needle or two - might have sworn once - and managed to add these awesome straps. Now, i would be disappointed if he lost these one of a kind altered slippers shoe covers, so I added my tag, just in a case a friendly deer happened across them, they could return them to me, and I to him.




I really wish I hadn't spent so much time and money on all my business cards and the like - because I really could've marketed myself as a hunters best friend, don't you think?


When it come right to it, I specialize in creating one of a kind bags, quilts, accessories, embroideries and whatever else you might want me to sew for you. ;)


Love you brudder (and Cindy!)





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