April 24, 2024

I am pretty excited, that I had my first "featured" item on Mary Jo's Cloth Blog a few days ago.  One of my newer sewing friends, Susan of Home Dec Gal was working on the post and asked me if I was willing to "whip something up." Not one to pass up a sewing challenge, I quickly replied sure!  My only instruction was, not to use the same color she picked out for her project. (Which you must check out, I wonder if she will let me have it...)


I really had no clue what to make, and about 3 days to do it. This was another one of those times that I didn't trust myself to design something, found an image I liked and tried to replicate it. There were Italian instructions with it, but we all know google translate isn't the best translator in the business.  I continued on, following along, kind of. I quickly learned that my velvet was more supple than what appeared in the photos, and some variation was necessary.


In the end, it isn't perfect, but - I did it. I had not ever worked with velvet, and it wasn't nearly as challenging as I had lead myself to believe.  I will be making another clutch - using the knowledge I have, not some vague italian pattern - as every woman needs an exquisite handbag on occasion, right?




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