Penguin fun

April 24, 2024

More lovies have been made and shared.  My niece is a huge fan of Penguins, and anything purple.  As we were heading to visit her this past weekend I realized I better get her new friend created.  I have been oogling the pattern since it's release a few weeks ago by Reen of  Embroidery Garden, and finally took the plunge.


This fabulous penguin design is offered in 4 sizes, and completed in one hooping.  (For those of you who don't embroider, we use hoops and each time you must take it off the machine and put new fabric in the hoop to stitch another step of a pattern is considered a "hooping.")  On top of that, the only hand sewing is closing it's base.  The original design calls for ribbons for the feet, while it is very cute and practical for a little one, my tween niece would likely prefer real feet I suspected, thus I cut two felt feet and added them in when it was time for the ribbon.


The best part about this pattern is how very different each penguin looks with different fabric choices, it can truly be one of a kind!



It's been a quiet week in the studio this week as we enjoyed a 4 day weekend visiting family on the coast, and I have been a bit under the weather.  Next week is sure to make up for it. A giveaway is planned on Facebook, a purse and tote bag that are under way will be finished and a few extra special lovies will be created for a lady in need of a smile.


Have a fabulous weekend!


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