Creature creating

April 24, 2024

Creature creating

I recently stumbled across a few web-sites that offer "In the Hoop" stuffed animals patterns.  I quickly was enamored by the whole idea and decided to give them a try. To say I am not disappointed, is just not a good description. In fact, I am enamored. So much that I now own nearly 30 patterns! While I have only made a couple, I assure you, they will be popping into this page on a regular basis as I continue to create them.


My animal library is quite extensive already (it should be with 30 animals purchase). I have gathered creatures from cats to mice, rabbits and bears to dragons and hedgehogs, and quite truly loads in between. I had trouble controlling myself from buying more but I am pretty sure this assortment will provide me with quite a bit of enjoyment for a while. 


Without further ado - let me introduce you to my newest lovies. 




"Howard" the hoot owl was my first creation - and I adore him. As I like to take my own approach when I create, he was truly a trial in many ways.  His body is made of a gorgeous boucle that shouted at me from the remnant bin. I didn't even realize that it was not a terribly easy fabric to work with. It is very airy and as the threads are not a tight - thus fingers can poke right between the fibers and the stitches. When all was said and done I made him work and I love him!! Many lessons were learned and I am looking forward to making him a few siblings.


While I was busy creating Howard, the girls sat along with me and also made their own lovies.  I will share photos of theirs once they are ready.




The other day when I was out shopping I came across the most wonderful faux fur - and had to go hunting for the right animal to create with it.  The hardest part - as you can see - it created a terrible mess!  It looked like I had had a huge fight with an animal, fur absolutely everywhere including covering my lap. This is by far the most plush and gorgeous faux fur I have ever come across.  I only bought a small bit as I wanted to play and see if I could use it with success. I would say it is a winner and I will be adding more to my stash for sure.


This little gal was far easier to create then Howard was.  Dealing with the fur was a challenge, but it was very worth it. Every member of my family approved highly of it - from exclamations of "Awesome" to "I love her, she's soooooo cute" and even a full on attack by the kitty - she was loved immediately.  As the girls were loving it and preparing to head to school she was quickly named, Henrietta the Hedgehog.  I hope you love her as we do.


(P.S. the pattern for Henrietta can be found at )






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