Creating and designing

February 19, 2016

Creating and designing

Having your own business has it's ups and downs. I admit, one of my favorite aspects - the ability to create my own designs. I can buy designs on etsy, or any number of website that specialize in embroidery or vinyl designs. (There are thousands - really!) While I do use them, I find a great deal of pleasure in creating my own designs as well. We all are inspired from the same pieces day in and day out, that is no secret. We have images flashing before our eyes on billboards, facebook, commercials, name it - they are there. It is thus very easy to copy what someone has made. (I am guilty of it.) But honestly, I love my own unique designs even more!

If you have your own business, take the time to create something that is unique to you. Sure, the saying or verse may not be an original - but they way you interpret and present it may just make it a true one of a kind.


XO, Jessica

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