Catching up...

February 21, 2016

Catching up...

If you have ever started a project, and put it aside to finish later...raise your hand! 

I do this all too often. But, that has to change. Earlier this week I took the time to empty off the fateful shelf that was overflowing with unfinished projects. (UFO's for those quilters out there) I sorted them by project type - yes, I have a dozen of make-up bags cut and awaiting some attention - and felt accomplished. I decided while I didn't have any orders awaiting my attention, I would work on them day by day and try to have a quick Finish it up February project all my own.

Then, I got orders. Now don't get my wrong, I love orders, they are after all what I want in my life, daily. But, this also means the poor sad projects are no longer neatly (ok, kidding - they weren't neat) stashed on one shelf. They are instead spread across multiple surfaces in the hopes I will finish them up and move forward with my life. 

So, another day in February is quickly fading into yesterday and tomorrow seems so far off...perhaps I will have my own March Madness instead, locking myself into the room, chaining myself to the sewing desk until I finish all these projects. 

Anyone else out there in sewing land that wants to join me on this challenge? (This could be fun!) I am pretty sure I can come up with some kind of prizes to give-a-way as well for those of you who accomplish their goals.

Not one who sews? Still have a list of unfinished projects and need motivation? I would happily challenge you as well. Be sure to leave a comment that you are going to join the crazy fun that is sure to ensue.

Keep sewing,

  XO Jessica

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