Large Backpack

A larger version of our small backpack with more room for books and folders - and a matching lunch box, of course. Kids as young as 3 can handle this bag if they are required to carry a folder from school to home each day, but it will fit kids all the way up to tween size.


Approximately 11.5" x 15"

Grey Seersucker
Grey Chambray
White Seersucker
Red Seersucker
Pink Seersucker
Orange Seersucker
Yellow Seersucker
Lime Seersucker
Mint Seersucker
Aqua Seersucker
Baby Blue Seersucker
Princess Seersucker
Lilac Seersucker
Chocolate Seersucker
Rainbow Seersucker
Grey Gingham
Hot Pink Gingham
Lilac Hot Pink
Hot Pink Black
Aqua Hot Pink
Lime Aqua
Black Grey
Blue Orange
Black Polka
Black Brass

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