Handprint “Bouquet”

 Let the little ones lend a hand with this one-of-a-kind Handprint “Bouquet”—perfect for gifting to mom, Grandma or any other special person in your life! Personalize this timeless wood piece by adding your child's handprint for a custom design. Every gift is sure to make a lasting impression!

~ 8x10; includes a small wooden easel for display

You will receive item personalized with child’s name; and the sentiment. No paint is included.  I recommend acrylic paint on a paper plate or the like to press hand into prior to pressing onto the item.  The base will be shellacked for longer durability. 


Please note:

You are purchasing a wood based product, so it might have natural flaws, cracks, knots or marks. I check every order prior to pick up or shipping, and will always give you the best product I can. I also stain and paint each piece by hand, so you'll get a unique and artistic item. 

Materials used may include but are not limited to:

  • Cherry, Cedar, Sapele, Walnut, Hickory and other veneered plywood
  • Paint/Stain/Shellac

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