Sewing, what's that?

April 24, 2024

It's funny how my business began with sewing, often 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. (No I didn't actually sew that many hours straight.) By the time you factor in pattern cutting, fabric pressing, a seam here, a press there, repeat...8 hours comes and goes quickly.

Why is this funny? I always thought I would "just sew" forever and always. I love doing it, and try to make time for it - making custom handbags in particular still gives me a real thrill. However, my passion has expanded to include so much more. Embroidery seems to consume more and more of my time these days. It's a very gratifying passion as well as I can complete a LOT of items in the same time it might take me to make 1 handbag. Many of my bags are 4-5 hours each. (My most challenging back is a good 8 plus hours.) Thus you can imagine the difference this makes in my days.

Just today I took a few hours and designed and stitched orders for several people. I completed 5 items, in an hour or there about. That is a massive time difference. The best part, I was even able to sneak some sewing in while the machine was busy embroidering. 

In case you were worried, I won't be giving up sewing anytime soon. But, it is no longer my primary focus of my business as my embroidery orders continue to increase, and my passion for helping personalize your day to day items becomes a part of my daily routine. 

Stick around, you never know how things will evolve from here!


XO, Jessica

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