Where does the time go?

April 24, 2024

Where does the time go?

I really wish I could answer that million dollar question. My time seems to be fleeting far faster than I can keep up with! A lot has changed over the summer and sadly some changes I expected, fell through. I had a website in progress, and all but ready to be launched and then life hit. Now I am working to keep up with the creative side of the business as well as figure out the virtual side! I was so very excited to see my new page come to fruition, make it more interactive for you - and maybe even blog on a regular basis.  Once I learned my site wasn't ever going to be finished I froze. I had no clue where to look next and what steps to take - so I did what is easy, ignored you.


Now, another day has come...and gone. It's late, the time of day my brain tends to go into overtime. It's also the time of day that I force my self to face the facts of what needs to change.  My list is already lengthy for tomorrow - and updating you all with a quick post allows me to reduce that list by one item and they day hasn't really even begun. (one small pat on the back for me)


What on earth does this all mean? There are some big changes happening in the studio. I am still creating handbags (can't give up something I love so much!) To add a little fun to my life I added machine embroidery, shirt designing and vinyl creations! My well rounded personality just got a little rounder. ;) I have tons of photos to share, ideas, tips, knowledge and some boring stuff too. Please stick around and see what's in store.


I really need to climb in bed for tonight, but tomorrow starts day one of "get your virtual butt in gear!" Sit tight, and click on over often to see what's news.

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