A little backtracking

April 24, 2024

A little backtracking

I promised I would fill you in on the whole "I have a multi-needle machine" now business. Well, here goes.  (Just to warn you I am going back...way back.)

I have sewn for countless years, I recall sewing with my mom when I was quite young, enjoying home economics classes in school and then the thrilling moment when my new in-laws bought me my first machine. (Yes, I still have it.) Over the past 18 years I have sewn a little of everything. From quilts to costumes, fancy dresses to play clothes. I was willing to attempt most any pattern - and most turned out ok. In fact several items are still floating around this house.

Quilting was a real passion for a long while (in fact I miss it and vowed to carve out time to do it again). My daughters got quilts, all my friends having babies got quilts, a few family members...on a side note, little pleases me more than the news like this: you know the quilt you made B when she was born? (11 years ago) she still sleeps with it every night. Seriously, that made my year! (Since this is recent news 2015 is looking awesome for me.)

I own a serger (well two), a sewing machine (ok, 6 - 1 industrial, 1 inherited) and now a commercial embroidery machine.

I have loved embroidery forever. I always thought I would purchase a machine so my girls could have fun clothes with cute designs - yeah, never happened. Time passed and I had the opportunity to purchase a single needle combo machine - so I did. All knowing my girls are bigger now, but still would love embroidery. I have played with it, and created with it a lot but I longed for more.

My business has been slowly gaining momentum in the sewing world and after months of talking, discussing, planning, researching and figuring my husband stood next to me as I made the decision to make a giant leap into the world of embroidery. When I say giant - I mean it. I went from a single needle combo home based machine to a 15 needle, commercial grade. I jumped, high.

Since that fateful day about 5 weeks ago I have been embroidering everything too! (I haven't done the Mr.'s unders yet but I did threaten.) Once I knew I was going to make the investment I began shouting from rooftops - I am getting a machine - I can do ALL your embroidery and monogramming for you, please come see me.  Thus far, that tactic is working. Within the first couple of weeks I completed a huge order of ball caps - stitched on the side no less. So not only did I have a huge order straight away, I went ahead and made sure it would challenge me from the get go. Why not, right?

So, without further ado - meet my new baby. I have yet to come up with a name, feel free to give suggestions.  If I pick your name choice, you win a prize (of course that means it has to be something monogrammed!)

It's a BIG machine! I purchased local from Texmac so I was able to go to the warehouse and watch it be unpacked prior to loading it into our vehicle. 


Lucky for me one of my Dad's lives near and came over to help with transport.


I guess they thought we might get confused.


Sorry no photos of bringing it into the house - 3 men (plus me) two moving straps, a lot of grunting and sweating took place - it wasn't pretty. I will share a photo next time though of it all set up so you can see it in all it's glory!


Thanks for reading.


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