Learning and Growing

April 24, 2024

Learning and Growing

Greetings Friends!  A lot has been happening in the studio - apparently so much that I haven't bothered to write. I have a long list of blog posts written - but they haven't made it out of the file in my brain as of yet. This post comes a bit out of the blue, but as we continue on I will back track a bit.
I am in the process of working with a great group on rebuilding my website - it's taking time - but we want it perfect. Please bear with us while the new shop is being built. It will be more active (I promise) and will even include a shop so you won't miss out on your favorite new items as they hit the store.

On to todays' topic.  But first another side note: I recently added monogramming and embroidery on a larger scale to my studio. I have offered it all along, but not promoted it much due to the frustration of embroidery on a single needle machine. Don't get me wrong - it is a great tool - but when you get really addicted to embroidery it's kind of like only getting a lick of your favorite candy bar when you desperately want the entire thing!

I have been at the computer this morning working on setting up an order for a dear friend and customer and came across a feature I never had used - yay me! (I own 6D embroidery professional monogramming software, it's a great software but as the instructions out there are limited it's a real challenge to learn. (I really want to take a class on it) Somewhere there is an on-line guide, but I am a youtube, google searching kind of gal to be honest.) Can you tell I am excited - as noted by the complete rambling!  (Be thankful you weren't here to see my silly dance I do when I learn something exciting and new - I did promise the Mr. I will still do the dance when I am 90!)

Back to the point - as I was playing in my software I noticed an option, not for the first time, for background wizard. I decided now was the time to investigate further.  After a few minutes of fumbling I figured it out and I am overjoyed! I can upload photos of any clothing item I have, add measurements and viola - it appears in my file.  Then, it uploads to the screen and my embroidery design will appear right over top.  This is an incredible feature, I think. I pray that this will allow you to place an order and be assured it is just perfect prior to stitching.

Coolest feature yet that I have discovered. I am sure there are loads more great bits to learn - so stay tuned, I am excited to share them!  If you would like instructions on how to do this in 6D leave a comment so I know and I can create a tutorial for you.
Happy Sewing!

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