A peek at summer

April 24, 2024

A peek at summer

I really enjoy testing new patterns for designers for a variety of reasons...but that's for another post. Over the weekend I tested a pattern that is going to be released by Alicia of Swoon later this week - for free - on Pellon's Project page. (Gosh, that's a mouth full.)


A call out was posted a week or so ago...e-mail me if you'd like to test this new gal. As she has a closed "normal" test group I saw this a chance to sneak a little closer to being a tester one day.  Over the course of the week people began posting their versions and along the way one tester said..she'd make a great lunch box.  By this time I already had fabric picked as the pattern is referred to as a Vintage purse. However, that post quickly stuck in my brain. I immediately emailed Alicia to see if she minded that I lunch it out. She of course didn't.


Now, I have a thing for lunchtime prints...hamburgers to pizza, pears to cupcakes...making lunch bags with these fun prints is a favorite activity. I most recently scored some super cute watermelon fabric printed by Timeless Treasures and Sold by my friend Scarlett of The Fabric Cobbler.


Needless to say as I began searching my shelves I pulled several foodie prints to ponder. I finally pulled out the pattern to see the shapes I would be cutting to help make the decision. Once I did that step...the decision was clear. Watermelon fabric.  


I excitedly began working on cutting and assembling this cute new pattern and could barely put it down once I was under way. Why? Well, it's a really simple

Pattern (aside from sewing curves which are never as easy as straight lines!) but more importantly, it was SO cute! (Or at least I thought so.)


I've since shared it on the Swoon facebook page and Fabric Cobbler...I might have gotten a little swelling in my head over the response...last check I had over 600 cumalitive likes and half as many comments. (In my defense I don't go hunting but you know FB and it's love to "notify" you.)


Without further jabbering on my part let me just share it already!!


My favorite view...





Happy Sewing!!

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