Ready for Serious Sewing

April 24, 2024

Ready for Serious Sewing

Last spring I happened upon a Craigslist add for an industrial machine. The price was a bit too good to be true, but I forged ahead. The location was about an hour and 15 minutes from my house, and an old factory that made scrubs for many top re-sellers. The factory had long since dwindled down to a couple of ladies doing small work and the real sewing was now completed overseas. The machines all sat around the room in varying states of disrepair - with dust enough to fill a room. I spent an hour or more there that day, looking at machines one by one and noting if they worked, how they sewed, etc. (There were straight stitch, button holers, sergers and more.)

Finally, I found one. In fact, I found several, but had my heart set on one. The next deal was...I had to await an on-line auction. Thankfully there were so many machines my competition was small, but none the less, I did have to log on and watch my item for hours that morning to make sure I didn't miss it.


I won. I was beyond thrilled, but do I get it home. 3 men, 2 ladies and, a ramp later we at least had it heading home. Once home we realized it comes apart to an extent and were able to muscle it up the stairs. Once in it's location and a cursory cleaning it assumed a spot in the studio, and there it has sat for almost a year. Another horizontal surface catching anything that needs a relocation, but isn't ready to be put away. (The motor was a 220 and the outlet one that could not be used. We ordered a new plug and a converter box only to realize they wouldn't work, so it sat.)

Fast forward to now...I get a text from my FIL...I want to order a motor for you, can you give me the machine details again...

A few days later...I am picking up the motor and belt right now...Next thing I know, he is at my door arms full!

A couple hours of motor changing, oil removal, cleaning, scouring, adding new oil, buying a different belt (we had the wrong size) and searching for is running! I have only done a quick practice on it and tested some leather scraps, up next, sew a leather bag. (All that gorgeous leather I have awaiting a life.)

I can't say what might come off that machine first, but I can say, it will be the first of many many items to find life through it's tough motor. Can't wait.

If you have made it this far reading - thanks for sticking around while I ramble. Take a minute to thing of a good strong name will ya? Go ahead a leave a comment. It needs a name, and a good one...once I have some good choices, I will have a vote and a prize sewn by it for the winner. Incentive enough?

In sewing,



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